Tuesday, August 23, 2011

My Family:In Texas

For, oh, about a year now the Macevicius family has been talking about taking a family photo. My father-in-law wanted a picture with all the family now that his three oldest are married and his one grandchild is already two! With job schedules and such it has been hard for us to set a date. We've made plans a few times only for something to change our plans (rain, someone having to work, waiting for cooler days...) Now my sister-in-law, Alicia, is in Austin at Police Academy and my husband and I are preparing to move abroad in just over a month so it was looking like we wouldn't get that photo after all. Then the other night I found out Alicia would be home for the weekend and that we would ALL be having lunch together on Sunday. Thinking it was now or never I suggested we all take a few photos together under the big shade tree (it has been HOT here in Texas) at my in-laws....and so we did

My Family:In Virginia

This summer I enjoyed an 11 day vacation with my husband and most of my mom's family.
We spent a few days camping on Kerr Lake in North Carolina then headed up to Virginia for
more fun with our cousins. Of course I brought my camera along, I even did a little shoot with
my cousin Mallory who is also an aspiring photographer (and a beautiful model.)
Here are just a few of the memories I captured on this family adventure...