Tuesday, May 15, 2012


I took these photos back in December and just realized I never took time to show them off. They just happen to be my favorite family in this city! 

Fantastic Five:Thanks For the Memories

Before this fantastic team of English teachers finished their year interning here in this beautiful city, they wanted to be sure to get some fun, memorable, photos with each other in the city they poured their hearts into. As a friend, fellow teacher, and photographer, I was more than happy to oblige. 
We were able to capture many great images and made a few more memories to add to the ones we already have. To Brock, Christina, Michael, Arggi and Desery, looking forward to the next hello...because I'm not going to be able to say good-bye. Thanks for adding extra fun to our first year!

 I instructed them to "strike a pose" 

 ...this seems to be Michael's go-to pose...

 lots of laughs with this crew

 three lovely ladies, inside and out

 now just imagine about 70 other people on here and this is a typical bus ride
 "let's make it look like our heads are the flowers" I gave in since he cooperated so well with every other shot...this is just typical Michael. He keeps the mood light...?

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The Many Faces:Of A Princess

A few weeks ago I posted pictures of "Tom Sawyer" ... This little princess is his baby sister. As a fun favor to her mom we took a few photos to mark her turning one. I think I already knew it, but if I had any doubt I learned this little princess has MANY faces.

Just take a look for yourself at a few of the many faces of this just-turned-one-year-old little girl