Monday, June 20, 2011

GIVEAWAYS:Photographer style

I stumbled across Soulographer today while doing what I enjoy most, browsing professional photography sites. It is the best inspiration and makes me want to grab my camera and a few models and start shooting. However, in this Texas heat I tend to just continue browsing and leave my camera in the bag. It just so happens that the Soulographer [Skye, of Work of Heart photography] is hosting a HUGE giveaway this week! If you know me you know I recently entered any and every photography giveaway I could get my hands on...I did so after winning the very FIRST one I ever entered only to 'lose' because I didn't find out in time to respond to the vendors before the prizes were given to someone else. I guess she needed the items more than me, but with so many great products being given away I had to keep entering. After entering countless giveaways and not winning a thing I gave up...but THIS giveaway is worth taking the time to enter. So here I am telling you to go check it out a long with the many fabulous vendors who are a part of the giveaway. If you are a photographer, pro or amateur like myself, you'll want to make a few entries yourself!