Sunday, June 10, 2012

C Family:Look at the Camera and Smile

   As the oldest of eight children I have few fond memories of family photos. Mom would spend hours before hand ironing clothes and fixing hair and trying her best to get us all to the studio mess free. Once there I would just try to do my best to look at the camera and smile, because I just knew if there was one image where I didn't look good then that'd be the one where all the other kids were actually looking, and of course, it'd be the one to get framed! Well, Friday morning I met with a family of eight and not only did the kids have the challenge of making sure they weren't the one 'not looking' (or worse) but they had the wind to combat! With hair blowing everywhere and dirt in our eyes this shoot presented a real challenge. But these kids were troopers and stuck with me through our different locations and pose creating some fun images. It was nice to be able to capture these frames for this family as they leave this windy city, and all the memories made here, and move on to a new adventure. Enjoy just a few of my favorite images from this families shoot, and notice how in this first one Dad and Mom are the ONLY ones looking at the camera ;) 

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