Thursday, November 4, 2010

My Pleasure

I love photography. I love taking a family and giving them a fun idea and seeing it work out flalessly like these amazing family shots. I love when precious memories like these are captured through a lens. I love the flare, the landscape and all the pretty smiles. I take pleasure in capturing these moments. I also find pleasure in viewing and admiring the work of those who live to capture those moments. I have some very precious and talented friends who are photographers; and in typical photographer form they bring their own flare and unique perspective to each photo.
Check out their websites to see for yourself:

Morgan Gauntt

Kaila Jackson

Ava Jordan-Curasi

Casey Gilboy

some other photography blogs I have recently come to enjoy are below...

Joy Harmon Prouty has a vintage style and is super creative (get some
ideas from her!)

Rita is a passionate stay-at-home mom, who is equally passionate about photography as she is about her two sons! (she gives lots of tips and freebies

Jaime Temple is a new favorite of mine, I just drool over every shoot. Nothing super fancy, no jaw dropping editing effects, just well shot and nicely edited

While I could list a few more sites that I just really enjoy perusing every now and then I think this is sufficient. I'd love for you to share links to your favorite photographers because as much as I love being the photographer that love is constantly fueled from the inspiration of other photographers!

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