Monday, November 29, 2010

Stidham family:Puppy luv'n

This session turned out to be more fun for me than I anticipated, and I was anticipating some fun. I'm not a big animal lover, Brian and I have no pets of our own nor any plans to adopt one, but I knew if I wanted to do family photography I had to be willing to do pets as well. Even if our family doesn't have one I am a believer that any pet you have really is a part of the family and adds a certain dynamic you don't want to miss out on in pictures. The pup in these photos is my 'nephew' Jack. Jessica and Heath adopted him just a few months ago and he really is a precious pup. He was wanting more play time then camera time but in the end it made for some great shots. See for yourself....
Jess and Heath, thanks for letting me do your holiday photos. I had a blast!

Welcome to the family Jack

This one is going in a frame in my house! Love it

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