Monday, November 29, 2010

Docken's family:country style

In my opinion it takes a combination of elements to create a good photograph. Good equipment, good location, good subjects, good lighting and a good eye for posing the shots. Yesterdays session with my sweet sis-in-law and her men had ALL of those elements! We ended up capturing some wonderful shots but I think my favorite part about this session was that one of the wonderful subjects is my handsome and so cool nephew, Gabriel Wyatt. He is TOO CUTE for words...Just see for yourself! Thanks Juan and Alicia for letting me do this session with you, I can't wait for the next one!


  1. Girlfriend, these are the best pictures you've taken!!! Did you get the editing program already and use it for these?

  2. Thank you!! I think so too. They made me sooo excited (and more confident) to do more. I did use my new program, I got Lightroom 3 (at a VERY discounted price) and it is GREAT.