Sunday, January 16, 2011

Coats Family:A Legacy

One of my co-workers came to me about a month ago asking if I could take pictures at her grandmothers 83rd birthday party, and of course I was more than happy to agree! The location was to be the Rose Garden and I began thinking of fun ways to take group pictures of the many generations that would be present. The day ended up being rainy so my original idea to do a group shot out on the lawn was not an option...but the bench and brick wall in the lobby ended up working out fine. I greatly enjoyed spending Sunday afternoon capturing this special occasion as sons & daughters, brothers & sisters, aunts & uncles, nieces & nephews and cousins all came together to celebrate the birthday of Mrs. Bertha L. Coats.

Sister and Brothers
Mother and Children (9 0f 10)
The Grandchildren...with their proud Grandmother
Great-grandchildren....A little chaotic but what can you expect with this many children?
Giving their Grandma and Grandpa some love

"Let your light so shine before men, that they may glorify your Father in Heaven"

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  1. You are doing so great Kel! What camera, lens, and editing program do you use?