Thursday, September 15, 2011

Shelby:Senior 2012

Photography has been my only hobby since high school, so for my graduation I got a Canon Rebel 35mm (my parents gave me much more than I deserved.) I took a photography class in college and enjoyed developing photos and experimenting...then everything went digital and I got consumed with classes and friends and my camera collected dust. Last year when I brushed off the dust and began taking pictures again I quickly talked my husband into letting me get a digital camera and bought a Canon Rebel xti. Not what I would have picked but it fit our budget. Anyway, to brush up on my rusty skills I ran over to my parents house where my sister and four of her BFFs were. I didn't even ask I just said "get pretty and come model for me."
Since then the girls have been saying they want me to do their senior pictures. I already did Sarah's and just finished Shelby's...unfortunately I'm moving out of the country Sept. 26 and won't get to do my own sisters. But I am praying for a photo shoot in Rome this coming May to make up for it.
All this to say, Shelby's has been anticipating her senior pictures for a while now. In classic Shelby form it was very dramatic, and lots of fun. I'll spare you all the drama filled details and just show the finished product.
Praying your senior year is full of valuable life lessons helping to prepare you for the "adult" years ahead, as well as many fun memories with friends to look back on and cherish in those "not so fun" adult moments. Love you Shelbster

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