Wednesday, September 28, 2011


As is typical for most young men, Sam was not too excited about getting senior portraits done, but he respected his parents and went along with it. And you know what? He rocked it! I tried to keep the session short for him (my sessions with girls are typically 3 hours, I was done with his in less than 1!) and assured him he was doing great as I barely had to tell him more than once what to do for a pose.
We started at the new baseball fields -they are going to be SO nice when they are finally done- and ended in downtown Lindale. I think we got some great shots!
Sam, thanks for going along with your parents wishes, I hope they like the shots we got. Praying you have a blessed senior year and a rock'n baseball season!

I have about 5 more I want to post but the internet connection here is making it take extra long to upload photos. One of the many little things you learn to live with in a 3rd world country!

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