Friday, September 16, 2011


Friday morning I got on facebook to find a message form one of the mom's in our church. She wanted to know if there was anyway I could find time to do a photo session with her children before I left the country. She had just seen my work and loved it (which is a big compliment for any 'artist') and I was excited for the chance to shoot some children, as always! We made plans for that same night and shot in a hay field (always love new locations) with lots of room to run...maybe a little too much room. I was chasing her two year old all over the field, he was all boy checking out every area and pulling his little red wagon along with him. While he was checking out the terrain his sister was posing pretty and making my job easy.
I definitely got a work out shooting this brother and sister, but I got some good moments out of it too....Thanks for choosing me to capture your children at this stage of life Heather, they are full of personality!

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